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If you’re researching a foot doctor in Michigan (MI) or a foot doctor in Indiana (IN), you probably have a good reason doing so. Whether that reason is because your feet are bothering you or you’re seeking help for a family member or loved one, we strive to provide you with as much helpful information as we can on our website so that you can make an informed and educated decision about your podiatry care.

At Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists, our mission is to serve you by providing the best treatment for your foot or ankle problem. From helping relieve your foot or ankle pain, to providing minimally invasive procedures, to offering major reconstructive foot surgery, we are your complete foot and ankle treatment solution.

We have 6 convenient podiatry offices throughout Michigan and Indiana, including Sturgis, MI, Portage, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Dowagiac, MI, Coldwater, MI and Angola, IN. Additionally, we offer extended after work hours for your flexibility. You will find us to be the friendliest foot doctors you have ever met.

Foot & Ankle Care For All Ages In Michigan & Indiana

We often see patients who are children, as well as patients from all walks of life. We see patients who have never been to a foot doctor, patients who are athletic, and patients with diabetes. Having served thousands of patients of all ages, chances are that we can diagnose what’s causing your foot or ankle discomfort and how to heal it, usually without surgery.

Your Feet Are Your Foundation

We like to say this because it’s true – your feet absolutely are your foundation. Foot and ankle pain aren’t normal, and leaving a condition untreated could potentially make it worse. Typically, if your discomfort in your foot or ankle has lasted more than two weeks, we recommend that you see a Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialist. This allows us to treat your foot or ankle injury or condition most effectively and typically without surgery.

To Your Foot & Ankle Health

Our 5-star rated foot doctors have helped over 500,000 happy patients get back to living their lives without foot and ankle pain since 1989. If you’re ready to find out why your feet or ankles have been causing you pain, please give us a call at 800.856.1106 to make your first appointment. We invite you to download our $25 Initial Savings Certificate to use toward your first visit at one of our podiatry offices in Sturgis, MI, Portage, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Dowagiac, MI, Coldwater, MI or Angola, IN.

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Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists of Angola, IN, Coldwater, MI, Dowagiac, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Portage, MI and Sturgis, MI treat all medical and surgical foot and ankle conditions. Our licensed and board certified podiatrists have helped over 500,000 patients find relief for their foot or ankle pain, and we can help you too! Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists can help with all foot and ankle conditions, including ankle sprains, athlete's foot, bunions, children's foot care, flat feet, hammertoes, heel pain, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, orthotics, foot or ankle sports injuries, toenail fungus and women's foot health.
With the most effective and state-of-the-art, quality podiatry care services in Indiana and Michigan we can help you return to a pain-free life and get back to the things you love!
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